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Svevi Avatar: Persecution of Constantina

by Maya Svevak (Author)



20 March, 2021

Vernal Equinox 2021



380 pages

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When the strikingly handsome, privileged, and hedonistic young Deputy Governor Andrew Onio suffers a massive and mysterious stroke, his surprising recovery propels him on a perilous journey. He follows a labyrinthine trail to indigenous refugee camps, illegal settlements, and secretive experimental farms beyond the militarized borders of the settler colony of Constantina.

Constantina has taught its Europan citizens to believe in their racial superiority and in their divine right to occupy the lands of the continent of Kanata. Andrew has been steeped in Constantinan nationalism and Kuni religion since birth, schooled by his father, a zealous supporter of the colony.

Accompanied by Maya, a beautiful yogi with immense powers, and shadowed from beyond his own mind by another advanced consciousness that has taken an interest in his survival, Andrew uncovers explosive secrets about his own past, the Guardians, and the political system that he has devoted his life to upholding.

The first book in the Svevi Avatar novel pentalogy, Persecution of Constantina introduces readers to contemporary characters and themes in an epic battle that spans 12,000 years and riveting physical settings across a world like, and unlike, our own.