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Svevi Avatar Glimpses: The Pandemic Begins

by Maya Svevak (Author)



22 September, 2020

Autumnal Equinox 2020



Special Hardcover with Author’s signature

44 pages full color Print

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How did the deadly pandemic begin five years ago?

Knowing that the disease could destroy the entire population of the Europan settler colony of Constantina, the indigenous people outside the colony’s militarized borders faced a choice. Would they help the settlers defeat the virus or allow them to succumb to it?

Thirteen leaders sit at a long table in a sterile room in the present, belligerently deliberating the fate of Constantina. Maya, a beautiful yogi with immense powers, immerses herself in the memories of others at the table, especially of senior official Bunim Cardozo, and relives the events surrounding the pandemic.

Unbeknownst to Bunim, Maya is drawn in by his anguish and lives and feels each moment of his torment, heartache, and grief as he is catapulted into his past. A past in which he gave orders to exile sick Chin and Afrikan immigrants, began questioning his patriotism, and found and lost love.