In an alternate timeline, when greed battles ancient powers for control of the earth, will humanity survive?

Svevi Avatar is an epic story described in a pentalogy of novels, with book 1 slated for global release on March 20th, 2021, the vernal equinox. To explore as many facets of the novel pentalogy as possible, the novels are accompanied by a series of novellas. Each novella focuses on a single character from the pentalogy and holds up a prismatic lens to the world of Svevi Avatar. For fans of graphic storytelling, the Svevi Avatar universe includes a series of stunningly illustrated graphic novels. Each one visually explores different aspects of the universe through stories, locations, and characters drawn from the novella series and the novel pentalogy.


  • Adventure
  • Speculative Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Literary Fiction
  • Science Fiction
  • Epic
  • Diverse Author
  • Environmental & Social Justice
  • Indigenous Rights

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