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Portals is the official newsletter of the universe of Svevi Avatar. It is published biweekly and features exclusive content, including excerpts, advance peeks at new artwork, glimpses into the identity of the author, Maya Svevak, and explorations of the inspiration behind Svevi Avatar.

Meet the author

Maya Svevak can weave in and out of time and space to inhabit alternate realities and parallel timelines. As she travels across these realms, she encounters fascinating people and experiences their stories. These are the stories she is moved to share with the world and others through her writing.

The inspiration
Social Justice, Environmental Justice,
and the World of Svevi Avatar

Through the stories of Svevi Avatar, we explore many of the compelling issues of our time, such as climate change, injustice, racism, misogyny, violence, economic inequality, and oppression. We aspire to reshape mindsets toward these issues and the communities that are affected by them. We hope that through global engagement of fans of Svevi Avatar, together we will make a real world impact on the environment and people. Svevi Avatar is not just a series of novels, novellas, and graphic novellas based on an alternate world described by Maya Svevak. This world parallels our own global systems in ways that connect the Svevi Avatar universe to many of the vital struggles, conflicts, and social dilemmas of our day. A portion of all proceeds from the sale of Svevi Avatar literature and merchandise will go to support initiatives for social and environmental justice. Details of these initiatives will be regularly revealed in Portals.



The solidity of earth keeps me grounded even as I traverse realities


Emotions flow as water from the hearts of others to mine


What is fire but the transformation of one reality to another


In the subtlety of air I find the power to move the immovable


Before the universe was born there was only potential, undivided and unknowable

The Panchika

The Panchika is one of the most important emblems of the universe of Svevi Avatar. As with the Svastika, an ancient South Asian motif that is thousands of years old, the Panchika symbolizes the paths to wellbeing. Both are symbols of peace, science, and evolution. And as occurred with the Svastika, the Panchika too has been misappropriated and corrupted by imperialist peoples in the past century, mistakenly perceived and used by some as a mark of hate, oppression, and authoritarianism.


Fans of novels, novellas, comics, graphic novels, animations, and music will love Svevi Avatar. This multi-platform, multi-media world is designed to engage readers of all types, from those who enjoy long-form narratives to those who prefer visual storytelling.

Whether you’re a fan of fantasy, science fiction, magical realism, speculative fiction, or young adult literary fiction, Svevi Avatar will reel you in.

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September, 2020

Graphic Novella — Part 1

Svevi Avatar Glimpses :

The Pandemic Begins


December, 2020

Novella — First of Eleven

Svevi Avatar Glimpses

The Pandemic Begins


March, 2021

Novel — First of Pentalogy

Svevi Avatar 

Persecution of Constantina

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